Rocky takes a break from geeking out on new Notes features...

I am sure we all remember the "bad old days" - the time a few years ago when we, as a community, were completely unclear about the future of Notes/Domino, much less our own careers since many of us have worked soley on Notes/Domino and adjacent technologies for a long time. We saw a rash of layoffs, quittings, etc. go through what was once Lotus and Iris, and we collectively feared that were in the End of Days for this technology and community. Additionally the (muddled) message coming out of IBM concerning Notes/Domino's future didn't help the situation. The "two lane road" seemed to be headed nowhere.

And then a funny thing happened on the way to the apocalypse.

IBM seemed to finally "get it" - the executive level finally seemed to understand the true value proposition of Notes/Domino, and also of the passionate community surrounding this product. They realized that, even after 13+ years, Notes/Domino still had a viable story to tell - and it was being told, daily, buy the community that loved the product. IBM began to clarify the story, they began to say the right things, and their words seemed to indicate they had a vision for the future, and Notes/Domino played a large part in that vision.  ...

But one area that has really struck home with me on how committed IBM is to this technology is the recent raft of new hires. And these aren't just any old geek bodies from the street - these are some of our best and brightest.
Adding to some pretty powerful "bench strength", I might add :-)

Rocky then goes on to talk about Steve Castledine's hire specifically, and thoughts on how his DominoBlog template will be adding a lot of value to Domino after it goes through "blue wash".

Rocky's right.  The last 21 months, since I took the Notes/Domino sales exec role, have been an amazing ride.  And it just keeps getting better and more interesting.

Link: Rocky Oliver: Thoughts on recent the past, the future, IBM hires, and enthusiasm... >

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