As many of you know, travel is way at the top of my hobbies and personal enjoyment list. To date, I've been to 53 countries besides the US (I count Hong Kong and Macau separately as they operate with separate immigration and currency), and also to 45 of the 50 United States. Let's take a look...

World map:

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United States:

You can also see a similar list at the Traveller's Century Club website. Everyone has their own methodologies, though.  For example, some of these exercises let you count the four United Kingdom countries separately (which would add two for me), and others consider Hawaii a "country" since it's physically disconnected from the mainland US.  Another issue is places like Macau and Hong Kong -- separate entities according to immigration procedure, but now just "China" in many exercises.

Anyway, you'll find a list you like.

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