Ryan Baxter is a developer on the Lotus Notes team and a contributor to IBM's efforts around Open Social 2.0. Earlier this week, he wrote a nice blog entry covering Notes and Open Social-based embedded experiences:

One of the key uses of OpenSocial in Notes and Domino Social Edition and in Connections Next is embedded experiences.  For those of you that don't know, embedded experiences allows you to embed the "experience" you would get in one application, in a completley different application.  For example, it allows you to embed the experience from your favorite project management tool into an email, or an entry in an activity stream.  This allows users to stay in context, and not have to jump back and forth between mutliple applications throughout the day.  If you live in your inbox, you can stay there and get more work done without going off to multiple applicaitons throughout the day.  For all of you that say Notes is not social, or email is not social, I disagree.  Embedded experiences is email 2.0 and it allows email to become one of the most powerful and useful forms of communication in the organization!

The second most important benefit to adopting OpenSocial is its support for activity streams.  It's important to understand that activity streams is its own specification.  However activity streams needs OpenSocial.  The activity streams spec just defines a data model, in other words it just defines what the activity stream should look like, there are no APIs.  OpenSocial puts APIs ontop of this data model, allowing us to access the data.  Connections Next exposes its activity stream through the APIs OpenSocial defines.  In other words, the activity stream in Connections Next uses standards to expose its activity stream!  IBM did not invent its own APIs we adhere to the specification.

One of the questions / discussions that I've seen a lot is whether you need IBM Connections to run the Notes/Domino Social Edition feature release. The answer is NO! You can, of course, use Notes Social Edition with Connections, but there is no requirement, with only one exception - serving Activity Streams to the Notes Social Edition home page. That's it. Of course you can use the Connections Files and Profiles entitlement that we've already provided with Notes 8.5.3, but no feature except Activity Streams has a requirement.

That's another way of saying that Notes/Domino Social Edition has plenty of new features on its own, including the embedded experiences which Ryan describes in so much detail in this and other blog postings. A major step forward in contextual collaboration.

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