Despite the suspiciously coincidental posting of this blog entry at 12:01 AM, I'm writing this live (as opposed to a "held" pre-blog).  The news is that good that I can't sleep :-)

Later today (Monday), IBM will be issuing a press release to announce more capabilities coming in soon-to-be-released Sametime 7.5.  These include:

  • Being able to send an IM, initiate a VoIP call, or share the current application from within Microsoft Office
  • A host of Microsoft Outlook integration features, including presence awareness and scheduling e-meetings from the Outlook calendar
  • Sametime 7.5 support for RIM Blackberry, Nokia devices, and Windows Mobile devices
The release says, "Mobile support for Lotus Sametime is expected to support RIM Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices with expected availability in the fourth quarter of 2006.  Integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook 2000 and above and Office XP and above is expected at the beginning of 2007."

The press release also emphasizes the open architecture of Sametime 7.5, including the ability to build plug-ins to extend awareness and real-time communication with other types of applications.  Specifically called out, too, is the location-based awareness that is in the Sametime 7.5 client -- where one can determine not just the online status of your contacts, but also where they are located.

This announcement is great news for Sametime's competitiveness in the overall marketplace.  Desktop integration tends to be one of the points that I've often heard favors our competition, whether our overall solution is better or not.  With the ability to provide these capabilities in an Office/Exchange/Outlook environment, IBM is one-upping the competition on their own turf.

Link to the press release >

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