So it seems the cat is out of the bag :-)

One of the interesting challenges of "corporate blogging" is that I often know stuff that I can't yet write about.  Outside IBM, others without similar constraints find out some news or information, and I feel the fool for not having written about my company's own news, first.  I suppose it is inevitable, and this is not much different than news leaks that result in "the company is expected to announce today" types of lead-in sentences.

With all that as prefix, Chris, Bruce, and Volker have all written now about a Sametime 7.5 beta demonstration server now running on IBM demoNET.  The only problem -- it wasn't exactly ready for public consumption.  The plan was to announce it to Lotus business partners later this week, along with a selected group of customers.  Then, as we got further along in the process, this server would become the public Sametime 7.5 beta.

Thus, we have a challenge.  Volker has already written a review of what he found -- even though he encountered known bugs and his readers have encountered other issues (notably that the server isn't exactly at 100% uptime while we bring it online).  If a potential Sametime 7.5 customer reads (or downloads) based on what's out there now, they might be disappointed.  They might judge the final product by what wasn't even anticipated to be public beta.

So, I'm asking for your help as a community.  I'm not putting the cat back into the bag -- the server is there and not going away.  Our intention all along was to outreach to bloggers and other customers who seem interested in taking a look at Sametime 7.5 -- you just got to it first.  Thus, if you check it out and write about it, I do please ask you to consider that this is beta code, not necessarily feature-complete, and things will change before release.

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