A welcome packaging change from my friends in the Sametime product business....

For years, Lotus Notes has included a basic version of Sametime. It provides simple presence and text chat within the Notes / Domino environment. For online meetings, voice, video, file transfers, screen captures, mobile clients, browser clients, the gateway for public IM federation, etc, etc, etc, users needed a license to Sametime Standard or Advanced. Yet, for some reason, we never had an easy upgrade path in place. Now, we do.

Buried in the Sametime 8.5 Announcement Letter are these new part numbers:

    * Lotus Sametime Standard Extension from Sametime Limited Entitlement (D0CCALL)
    * Lotus Sametime Advanced Extension from Sametime Limited Entitlement (D0CCBLL)
Link: Sametime Blog: 'Extending' Notes with Sametime Standard or Advanced >

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