So far, most have heard the IBM side of this story, but SAP is equally excited about Project "Atlantic":

Some good things take a long time coming but they're worth the wait.  Today's announcement is a welcome move for SAP customers around the world committed to Lotus Notes as their groupware platform. ...
Of course, not every customer has the same business focus or priorities and this is reflected in the SAP customizing, be it in the customizing settings, or some other means - no two customer installations are identical.  This is difficult to take into account in third party software integration so the really good news is that developer extensions will be supported in the initial Release of this joint SAP/IBM product.

In fact , Lotus Notes installations have always been a hot-bed of activity for Lotus Notes developers extending the standard capabilities to the customer's requirements in any number of directions so it really is good news that this product will enable the same sort of flexible adaptation at the customer site from the very first release

And that is why I say, on behalf of SDN,       A warm welcome to all Lotus Notes Developers :-)
and vice-versa, Alan.

Link: SAP Community Network: Project Atlantic Announced: Lotus Notes Integration with SAP >

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