With quarter-end today, my attention has been elsewhere than the blog, but I have been participating in a few interesting online postings this week.  Scalix's CEO, Glenn Winokur, and I have been doing serve-and-volley over at the Scalix blog:

Hopefully many of you saw the Mary Jo Foley blog this week titled: Open-source e-mail systems biggest threat to Microsoft Exchange, where she references an upcoming report by Yankee group analyst Laura DiDio. After Mary Jo's piece published, we were thrilled to see the uptake in both the blogosphere and more traditional media on an issue near and dear to our hearts. This also reminded me of a study that Michael Osterman did over 2 years ago, with very similar findings!

Our experiences at Scalix have also been quite validating of these studies.
Later on in the same post, Winokur suggests that the Notes customer base has even more opportunity for Scalix than the Exchange market.  Naturally, I disagree Image:Scalix blog: Glenn Winokur: It’s great to be topical and have posted as such.  

The whole discussion is an interesting look behind the curtain.  How is my product/market viewed by my competition?  How do I view them?  How do we view mutual competitors?  

I hadn't talked with anyone at Scalix since sharing a panel with their former CEO, Julie Farris, a few years back.  But the messaging market is a small world, and this conversation reminds me that we all share some common interests and background, even when we're not on the same side of the ball.

Link: Scalix blog: Glenn Winokur: It's great to be topical >

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