Former colleague/boss and occasional poker night host Scott Prather has entered the blogosphere, and his first two posts are going to get people talking...

Too fast of a moving target, on the topic of the Notes 7.0.2 "Nomad" feature:

I still question the usefulness of the entire client since the domino web access continues to get better. Doesn't it make more sense to have a thinner client that really just holds my security credentials for things like digital signing, encryption over the wire and a more secure login? Will anyone really be replicating data to a temporary machine?
When is a message a message? on what a "message" is in instant messaging vs. e-mail, a potential paradigm shift and the race to it...
E-Mail as we know it today will be dead in the next 7-10 years (btw you will find in my blog I will be assertive and I will take any $.07 bet out there ;-)). Users will have either completely switched over to an IM platform because they want a more contextual/less spammish environment or IM will be tossed because it never grew up to include the things like archival, backup and auditing that any kind of Enterprise communication infrastructure needs.
These are great, Scott, but what about comments?  I'll wait on adding my 2ยข (you can raise me to 7 LOL) until I see where you're going on interactivity.

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