Good case study on an IBM Workplace Collaboration Services implementation...

Being a Windows shop, Skaugen first looked at Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server before opting for Workplace SE, the single-server version of Workplace Collaboration Services. "I didn't see SharePoint as being mature enough to do what we needed it to," says Wilton Malone, IT manager for SPT.

Specifically, Malone wanted to have single-sign on for outside customers without having to register them on the internal directory. "I didn't want our customers or our vendors to be part of our Active Directory," he said, noting that SharePoint, at that time, appeared to require Active Directory in order to have single sign-on.

Malone also found Workplace SE, which retails at $39,900 per CPU, simpler to install and manage. "Workspace had pre-built portlets already there. It's pretty straightforward in terms of ease of use," he said.
Link: SearchDomino: Case study: One firm's choice of IBM Workplace over SharePoint >

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