Over the last few months, subscribers and those on SearchDomino's lists have received a few e-mails regarding a company selling Notes migrations to "modern platforms" such as Microsoft.  I first discussed this in December, and Greyhawk had a more recent posting about it a few weeks ago.  

Before vacation, I e-mailed SearchDomino editor Matt Gervais to try to discuss these mailings.  I compared it to United Airlines running an ad for Continental in their in-flight magazine.  I realize that editorial and sales are separate functions within most publishers, but at the end of the day, it's Matthew's name on the masthead.  While I received no response from Matt (which seems a bit odd), both my post and Greyhawk's received a comment from Christine Herbert, the executive editor of SearchDomino.  She says, in part:

As Executive Editor of SearchDomino.com, I wholeheartedly agree that Lotus Notes Domino is a "modern" platform and I hope you will be happy to know that, at my request, our sales and marketing team has modified the offensive wording in the ad campaign to be more respectful to our Notes/Domino members. SearchDomino.com will no longer use this or any other vendor's negative characterization of Notes/Domino in sponsorship initiatives on our site.

To be clear, as the site editors, Matt Gervais and I have minimal involvement in the sales and marketing campaigns on the site and we care immensely about what our readers need and want from SearchDomino.com. We work hard to make sure we are delivering independent editorial content that helps you do your jobs. By definition, this means that we will from time to time provide information on topics that are not absolutely aligned with the IBM Lotus corporation -- topics of interest to some of our members, such as tools to migrate off Domino to other platforms.
I realize that publishers exist to make money, but this reads to me like a determination to continue doing what they are doing, albeit with less-inflammatory wording.  That may not satisfy readers, and the damage of the last three e-mails has already been done.  

What would really make sense is for SearchDomino and the business partner to issue a follow-up e-mail apologizing for their choice of words.  One can always hope.

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