More information about Workplace Designer is appearing, such as this interview from last week....

"Domino Designer is a great tool. Through our experience with it, we learned a lot about our users and how they work," said Leland. The main attribute that Leland and her team hope to bring over to Workplace Designer is ease of use, she said.

With both tools, "form-based development is a key metaphor," said Leland. This is important because Workplace is a Java platform, and some developers may not want to work with raw, command line Java, in order to build applications.

"In software such as WebSphere Studio, you deal with [Java] directly," said Leland, "in Designer, it is more about forms and views. You think visually a little bit more."

"Some developers can write Java, some would rather do simple forms," she said.
Link: SearchDomino: Domino Designer Lead Leland Talks About Workplace Designer >

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