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Modernizing Lotus Notes applications is fraught with difficulties, complex decisions, and considerable expense. However, with the right approach, migration off Lotus Notes applications improves ROI, speeds application deployment, and minimizes disruption to users - while preserving software investments.  

Download this white paper to learn more about the migration choices for rapidly moving from Lotus Notes to Microsoft's .NET platform.
I'm used to seeing competitive FUD like this, but not delivered right into the mailbox of searchdomino.com subscribers.  Certainly not the mailing list sale I would have chosen to make given their audience.

The linked white paper is written by Unify, a firm who have been beating the drum of Notes application migration for some time.  Their references for the product in question, Composer, are all for Notes to Java/SOA migration, which at least makes some sense in terms of technology trends (not that application migration ever makes much sense).  But now they have this Notes to .NET migration magic box -- which, one has to wonder, does this work better than "Red bull" or Proposion or any of the other magic boxes that have come before it?  No way to tell, as they have no references for Notes to MS application migration on their website.  I suspect I know why...

Sadly, their marketing department has doubled down on sleaze, for in order to obtain the white paper, you have to answer questions like
Are you considering any or all of the following with respect to your Lotus Notes applications?

- Retire underutilized applications
- Replace with packaged systems
- Rewrite the application from scratch
- Migrate the application to a new platform
What happened to "building more Notes applications" or at least "none of the above"?

Thanks to Mark, Cheyney, and others who let me know about this unwelcome offer.

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