My colleague and fellow theatre-goer David Marshak talks to SearchDomino about life inside of IBM, instead of analyzing it:

SearchDomino:  When it comes to real-time collaboration, how much do Microsoft's and IBM's philosophies differ?

Marshak: They're totally different. Microsoft uses the term "communication" rather than collaboration. With Microsoft, it's all about personal productivity -- how I manage all the stuff in my life -- and they have good products to do that. With IBM, it's about how I collaborate in a business environment. It's about organizational productivity. These differences are in the DNA of the two companies.

SearchDomino: Where is IBM's edge in real-time collaboration?

Marshak: The big advantage is that all the workplace collaborative services that IBM offers -- Lotus IM/Web conferencing [Sametime], Team Workplace [formerly Quickplace] -- are all part of a single family. Historically companies have had to buy all these different pieces from different companies. Now they can buy one set of services on the Domino platform. That's our strategy. A company cannot force collaboration platforms on its customers. Customers have to work over multiple platforms. You don't always get to go to the least common denominator of an HTML web browser.
Link: SearchDomino: Lights, camera, collaboration! Q&A with David Marshak, Part 1 >

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