Several people have asked me what the activity around the State of Masschusetts's decision to mandate OpenDoc Format means for Lotus this SearchDomino story, Kevin Cavanaugh (Lotus VP of development for Notes/Domino) gives the answer:

IBM is confident that Massachusetts and other state governments will choose its OpenDoc-compliant solutions, including Notes as a component of IBM Workplace, as the alternative. "We don't think anyone will deep-six a Notes environment that's been incredibly productive for them," says Kevin Cavanaugh, IBM's vice president of development in Westford, Mass. "If our customers need a straightforward way to get to the [OpenDoc] format, we'll provide support for them."

IBM will soon deliver OpenDoc compliance with version 2.6 of IBM Workplace Managed Client, according to Cavanaugh. "We'll continue to enhance those abilities as we work with the standard and bring it into more products, including, but not limited to, Notes," he says. "We're taking the expertise we've picked up in doing [OpenDoc] implementations for productivity editors and will build the import and export of documents in [OpenDoc] format to and from Notes."
The integration of Notes with the Workplace client environment provides tons of new opportunities, just like this one.

Link: SearchDomino: Massachusetts' OpenDoc Plan could boost Lotus Notes, IBM Workplace >

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