A good, broad-ranging interview with Peter O'Kelly...

SearchDomino: It must be frustrating for users loyal to a product to see so many strategic changes on the part of the company in charge of the product.

O'Kelly: There have been dramatic changes at both Microsoft and IBM. When Microsoft announced Exchange Server 2000, they were calling it "our Notes killer," because it included workflow, collaborative conferencing and enterprise messaging. But all the parts of Exchange Server that were designated as collaboration components failed and were replaced with components like Live Communications Server and Live Meeting. If you were a customer who bought Exchange 2000 expecting to solve your collaboration problems, you've probably changed your tune.

Then look at IBM. Just three years ago, the implicit message from IBM itself was "Notes is dead, and you'd better get yourself to the Java side if you know what's good for you." We've seen a huge shift since Ambuj Goyal came on-board. He has a deep research background, and he's passionate about customers. Under Goyal, IBM has redoubled its focus on Notes/Domino, and they have a more compelling picture with Workplace than they did three years ago, when it was a bunch of goals and aspirations.
Link: SearchDomino: Notes/Domino not vanquished, says Burton analyst >

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