Maybe I'm overextending my importance in this equation, but could Microsoft be planning to announce a roadmap for Exchange next week solely to blunt my ability to say "they don't have a roadmap" in my Lotusphere presentation????

Microsoft executives will publicly reveal a new roadmap for Exchange next week.
Ah, but what will be on that roadmap?
Sources familiar with the company's plans said the next version of Exchange, due out sometime in mid-2006 -- to coincide with the next version of Office -- will retain Microsoft's Jet database, which is optimized for messaging. Microsoft declined to comment for this article.
"Microsoft has said time and again that at sometime they will move to a unified store, but they still believe that an optimized e-mail store is better than a more generic database," one expert said.
Jet is "optimized"?  How can a single instance store, which is a single point of failure, be "optimized"?
The Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise edition has 38 GB capacity, although performance takes a hit when you go beyond that, he said. But Microsoft has let IT administrators run a lot of parallel information stores to compensate.
See dictionary under "workaround"...
For the most part, the company has been mum on plans for the next version of Exchange Server.  "I think the reason that we haven't heard much about the future of Exchange until now is because the Exchange team is still struggling with how they will add value for their corporate customers," said Peter Pawlak, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft, a Kirkland, Wash., consulting firm.
ouch!  Don't think they'll be putting that quote up on their website.
Link: SearchExchange: Microsoft rules out new Exchange store >

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