Coming next month, Alloy from IBM and SAP is garnering analyst praise as well as strong endorsement from SAP...

SAP recently revealed Alloy, a partnership with IBM on a new product that marries the SAP back end with the familiar Lotus Notes interface. Some analysts think Alloy will prove stronger than Duet, a similar collaboration between Microsoft and SAP.

Alloy allows customers to complete certain SAP tasks within Lotus Notes, such as approving a procurement transaction in an email -- eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between two screens. The product follows Duet, Microsoft and SAP's collaboration that extends SAP to Excel, Word and Outlook. Alloy will be available in March. ...

Also, in this economy, companies are seeking tools that are quick to deploy and will increase user productivity. Lotus users can leverage processes in their SAP applications within eight to 10 weeks, Banks said.
Good stuff as we get ready for release.

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