SearchSAP reports on an AMR Research study examining the market dynamics around Microsoft & SAP's "Duet".  According to the article, Duet is no slam dunk -- 35% of those surveyed have reservations about it, and only 29% have the ability to deploy it in their current environment.  I smell upgrade!

Rocky Oliver took the article apart in more detail, comparing the MS/SAP solution's costly and time-consuming deployment to the simplicity of the Notes Access for SAP Solutions that is already shipping....

you have a substantial cost and time investment to deploy Duet, and the risk may be too great for the actual realized benefit. With Notes access for SAP solutions, however, the customer cost for deployment is substantially less. You don't have to deploy a ton of new software, and you don't have to pay a bunch of extra per-seat costs. The savings alone in these two areas can more than pay for customizations needed to fully support a customer's environment - and these customizations are able to be perfomed with the existing client development skills - it is Notes, after all.
I really like the first comment on Rock's blog entry, from Curt Stone:
I watched the flash demo yesterday and enjoyed the demo of this kind of integration with core Notes applications. I'd not seen that before. Makes me jealous that I don't use SAP. I'm sure this opens doors for all kinds of fun integration with SAP.
And really, it's a proof point of the kind of integration that can be done with Notes and any back-end enterprise system (as my colleague Jim Cavalier notes in comment #2).  Contextual collaboration, delivered.

Link: Duet: SAP customers see success, challenges ahead >

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