I was in the city the other day (translation = Chicago) for a customer meeting.  While distracted by the quest to see low-numbered taxicabs (referenced in Sunday's entry), I couldn't help but notice an advertisement atop one of the taxis for a website called www.seektheguru.com.  It sort of registered in the back of my brain, but I didn't give it much further thought until a conversation last night.  

Image:Seektheguru.com - is this like that subservient chicken?

What an odd discovery -- from this innocuous face and ad style, would you guess this to be a Chicago-area contest website -- for Comcast and CBS radio?

Since there are no google, technorati, or digg hits for www.seektheguru.com, maybe we're the only ones seeking enlightenment --- and the $10,000 prize will be easy pickings?

I'm not feeling very enlightened.  Oh wait -- that's because I can't seek enlightenment until July 24.  Whatever....

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