On Mary Beth Raven's weblog, the design team has an entry from last week that's worth another look.  

One of the comments I've heard about the improved UI in Notes 8 is that people miss the ability to click-and-drag to select multiple Notes mail messages.  It's funny how much pressure we had to conform to Windows UI conventions, yet this one was a case of a better mousetrap, many years earlier.  So, maybe we can do something.

We are looking at the selection model in Notes 8, particularly in the Inbox. We have heard some requests for the classic Notes gutter selection/checkmarks to be reintroduced, so we are considering two different options for post 8.0 releases
UI guru extrordinaire John Lance then explains some options and opportunities.  Go check them out, and while you are there, thank him for getting week numbers in the Notes 8 calendar :-)

Link: Mary Beth Raven: Selection Model Fun!!! >

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