Lots of moving parts required to deploy chat capabilities....

Installation and configuration of LCS 2005 is where both the joys and the tribulations of an intensely integrated product first become apparent. Here is at least a partial list of other Microsoft products that are either required or can provide useful services for LCS 2005:
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (required)
  • Microsoft Active Directory (part of Windows Server 2003, required by both Editions)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 (in particular Microsoft Outlook)
  • Microsoft Windows Messenger (or MSN Messenger)
  • Microsoft Live Meeting (components used for application sharing, conferencing (there are plans to merge this product with Live Communication Server)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (required for archiving and the Enterprise Edition)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Services (for advanced presence and workflow features)
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ, required for archiving)
Although LCS 2005 has improved over the previous version in offering assistance in the installation and configuration process, it's readily apparent from the above list that there is a lot of jiggering to be done for successful integration.
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