Nice review of Domino 7.0.2...

There was a time when there were doubts about IBM's commitment to Notes and the ability of Lotus to keep up with the Web-inspired changes in technology. That's history. IBM's roadmap for Domino/Notes includes further expansion into non-email capability and pursuit of Web 2.0 features. There are nimble competitors, such as Scalix, that have more freedom to float innovative UI features, but to make a comparison is akin to praising the elephant (the massive messaging and collaboration enterprise) for having a nice trunk, when what's important is the rest of pachyderm that keeps the whole thing moving.

IBM Lotus Domino Server is a premier product in a market where only a premiere products can survive as long as it has. We recommend Domino because of certain features -- wide platform support, deployment flexibility, strong administrative tools, and software development capability -- rather than for showing runaway superiority over other products.
Link: Serverwatch: Lotus Domino -- Aging gracefully? >

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