A historical review of Lotus Notes and Domino, with an eye to the future.  The article is billed as a tutorial, perhaps for people who haven't looked at Notes lately:

Let's not beat around the bush -- mention "Lotus Notes" to people, and many will have a reaction ranging from "Is that still around?" to "Ugh." Notes has, perhaps unfairly so, a reputation for corporate stodginess that is the technology equivalent of 1980s music videos.  ...

Rather than battle entrenched Microsoft Exchange deployments head-on, with its latest Version 8, Notes is instead embracing openness.

Although Notes represents only the client portion of the Lotus messaging platform, it is now built using the open source Java-based Eclipse framework. This means that not only can the Notes client run Eclipse-based plug-ins, but also that Eclipse developers can essentially customize the Notes client from the ground up. ...

The challenge, as it always has been for Notes, will be how to add substance without adding bulk.
Link: ServerWatch: Whatever Happened to ... Lotus Notes >

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