An interview with IBMers Robert Duffner, Doug Wilson, and Fernando Salazar on SOA and its relevance to the IBM Workplace product family:

How do you think SOA is going to shape the future of the software industry (or any industry for that matter)?

Doug: I'll polish up the crystal ball for that one. We've already talked about SOA as being a good meeting ground between the business and the IT organization. I think that's going to fundamentally change things. We also talked a bit about Web services, and particularly Web services over the Internet, as being an enablement for small business and large business to meet together with the IT infrastructure costs that are palatable to both. And the ability to create a large, service-oriented ecosystem across the internet, I think, is very promising. Just as the Internet has enabled a number of other new business models to emerge, I think here in the realm of service provider and service consumer, there is a whole new set of business models.
Link: IBM developerWorks:Workplace -- Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): an interview with IBM Workplace and Lotus developers >

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