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January 26 2006

Ah, tradition.  Sitting in the "Ask the developers" session which preceeds the Lotusphere close.  It's been a great show and a great week.

I moderated/hosted the "Gurupalooza" session earlier this morning, where the 25-ish speakers from the Lotusphere best practices track assembled to take on any and all questions.  We went about ten minutes over time, with a number of really good questions on a diverse set of topics.  Libby Ingrassia live blogged it on  One thing I didn't point out was the number of IBMers in attendance during Gurupalooza -- that included VP of Develoment Craig Hayman, Notes client lead engineer Jeff Eisen, and Domino Designer developer Andre Guirard..  If you've ever wondered how much passion the IBM Lotus team has about our product and customers, there should be no question when these guys (and many others) allocate hours on the last day of the conference listening to detailed technical Q&A.

As for my sessions yesterday... "The Boss Loves Microsoft" drew a crowd of about 900, the largest of the five years the session has run.  Mr. Mooney procured one of the two prizes of his day -- I gave him a pair of Lotus yellow boxing gloves for his uppercut at the beta Microsoft application analyzer tool.  The session went well, and Sara L Nagelvoort did a great job helping round out the competitive landscape story by covering SharePoint and OLCS.  Tons of comments and discussions offline and through e-mails following the session.  I'll post a PDF of the presentation here on sometime next week.

"How to 'sell' Notes/Domino inside your organization" was a surprisingly popular session.  I didn't know until much later that not only were there about 300 in the main room, but we filled an overflow room as well.  Considering it is the third time that Libby and I have run this session at Lotusphere (though we've revised and updated the content each time), I was intrigued at the attendance.  And it's not like that was a slow time slot -- John Head's session in the same block also was packed full.

From the tremendous volume of e-mail I received in the last 24 hours, I can tell that both sessions resonated.  I can also tell I have more work to do.  Like most of the IBM Lotus team, I'll leave Lotusphere energized to get busy on this, but I am going to take tomorrow off -- if you e-mailed me, look for me to catch up on replies early next week.

The closing session awaits.  I'll live blog about Surjit Chana's comments during the closing...but will shut down to laugh my @ss off at the entertainment.

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