During my travels the last week, there have been a huge number of interesting postings on Lotus community blogs that have been worth reading.  I haven't had a chance to link to them all real-time, but as a summary, I suggest you check these out:

* Andrew Pollack on Lotus' Project "Atlantic":

Here's what made such a great impact on me:

It's a real integration, not a database driver. IBM and SAP have worked together to create an interface on the SAP side that's easily called from a bit of software that sits next to Domino and works with things at the higher level of workflow objects on the SAP side rather than table level integration.

* Rob McDonagh on XPages, being introduced in Domino 8.5:
Along with Andrew, Nathan and John (and quite a few others), I was at IBM in Westford this week for an class on XPages. We spent most of our time saying things like, "But that means we don't have to..." or "That means now we can..." The possibilities are endless. And I'm really - really - impressed. I've been beating IBM up privately over the fact that the shiny new LotusScript editor isn't in 8.50, and I thought that DDE without it wasn't enough of an improvement to bother with. I was wrong. Completely, totally, utterly wrong. If 8.50 included XPages and nothing else, it would still be the biggest thing that's ever happened to Domino development.
That's a pretty big endorsement, especially from a customer...read what the business partners who were there wrote as well:

* Nathan Freeman on Xpages, includes a tutorial:
In the form of the now-ironically-named Xpages, the Yellowverse is going to get a lot of long-standing problems solved in a very short time.  Much like learning to live with people that can walk through walls or read minds or shoot lasers from their eyes, it's going to require some getting used to.  There will be prejudice, and a longing for the "old ways" and a few reactionaries will probably even want to do away with this new super-species of design.  But those who embrace it will find themselves quickly getting back to building Super Human Software.

* John Head on Xpages:
XPages is going to change everything you know about Notes and Domino development. Why? Because it makes industry standard, and easy to hire skills, forefront in Domino. XML, JavaScript, and CSS is the core of XPages. You can take any web developer out there and get them building Domino XPages fairly quickly. You can take any Domino developer, who is scared of Java, and give them XPages and they will run wild.

XPages has the chance to be the first major revolution of the entire product since Notes 4.0, when LotusScript was added to the product. Remember those times? The explosion of the LAEC market. The BP and ISV groups cranked out products and tools. If anything can bring back a time of pure growth in the Domino world, it is XPages.

* Lotus Symphony review in CRN:
The Test Center found Symphony a snap to use, and switching to Symphony after years of using Microsoft Office was painless. While Open Office was a nice alternative, Symphony looks and works much more elegantly while keeping the free price tag.

* New IBM "Choose your collaboration destiny" flash demo: This interactive website helps users understand the value of using all of the Lotus product solutions together -- Notes/Domino, Sametime, Connections, Quickr.

* New IBM blog on Mashups, "Mix and Mash" (also hosted by PSC)

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