So I was incredibly impressed with the number of people writing about Notes on last Thursday's first "show-n-tell" day.  It's been especially cool to read some of the blogs and web pages, because they are from new voices.

Peter von Stöckel wrote about browsing the web with LotusScript.  Kevin Pettitt wrote about form validation.  Tim Tripcony shared a design template catalog.  Vince Schuurman talked about creating PDFs from Domino.  Esther Strom solved an offline user's need to compact their mailbox's server copy.  Ian Irving built a better "save and exit" action button. Vince DiMascio published some code tips, though he's explicitly not blogging.

I know that there was some talk at Lotusphere about creating an OPML for Domino bloggers.  Not sure that would solve my issue though -- attention, bandwidth, and prioritization.  There are so many great new voices, but they get added to existing bloggers...and many of us already are struggling with how to keep up with and read all the blogs out there.

Put simply, I'm starting to struggle to figure out which bloggers to read on a regular basis.  The other struggle is how much bandwidth to give to "new" bloggers.  I applaud all the new voices that have joined the Notes/Domino-focused blogosphere.  But there's an abandon rate in all parts of the blogging world, and instinct tells me that some of these will go dark in just a few months.

How are you managing your blogreading consumption?  I don't mean from a technology perspective -- I have a perfectly useful RSS reader.  How are you deciding which blogs to read regularly and which ones get dropped from your feeds? And, last, who has the authoritative list?  I know has a lot of Domino bloggers, and there are a few other sites, but I don't know how to best find everyone I should consider reading.

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