So there's this site out there called "Lotus Notes sucks".  I've never linked to it before, I've read it, but it is so hard to get past the closed-minded nature of the site's author that the overall message is lost.

My colleage Sim' Hampel recently spent some time dissecting the site in detail, though, and says

So let's be perfectly clear. I absolutely love Lotus Notes.

Now that I've said that, I actually agree with a large part of what Lotus Notes Hater has to say. I read through a large number of the bugs and issues that he mentions on his site - and largely I agree that they are bad UI design, or meaningless errors, or confusing behaviours, and so forth.
Sim' evaluates some of what is discussed on the Notes sucks site.  But he brings the discussion up a level:
Concentrating on the end-user client niceties from a novice's point of view is not the whole story, and this is why I still insist that, despite its shortcomings, Lotus Notes is still the best choice out there as an enterprise messaging platform and distributed application development platform. Don't underestimate security, reliability, managability, scalability, flexibility, and all the other benefits that the platform provides the enterprise. Anybody who has experienced this knows that there really isn't anything available that can truely compete with Notes and Domino in this arena. Don't underestimate how much your users will complain and be bitter if your messaging platform becomes unreliable and stops them doing their jobs effectively - even with a pretty UI. It doesn't matter how nice the UI is if you still can't access your email!
Sim' and I have discussed his article, and I think it's worthwhile reading.  I don't entirely agree with it... I've watched usability videos of Outlook users using Notes, Outlook users using Outlook, etc. ... each product has its plusses and minuses.  I'm not going to turn this into a competitive posting.  My point is simply, Notes may have its quirks, but so do many many software programs.  Because people "live" in e-mail, they are exposed to more of the e-mail application's quirks than most of the other software they use.  Notes 6.x and 7 have made significant improvements, and from what I've seen out of the labs in the last few weeks, Notes "Hannover" is going to be a major "wow" at Lotusphere 2006.

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