The team at Teamstudio has started a group blog on Lotus Notes and IT governance.  Some good topics already being discussed, such as this one:

Then the other day I was speaking with another customer who had 8,000 databases (not counting mail files). Not so impressive you may think. However, they only have 4,000 users. For the mathematically challenged, that's two Notes databases for each and every Notes user. Three if you include mail files!

What are these databases being used for? Does anyone know? Who's managing these databases? How quickly are they growing? How often are they being accessed? Who's accessing them?

What's the highest ratio of databases to users that *you've* seen?
I've seen ratios higher than this.  I agree with Simon, this is not necessarily a good thing.  For any collaboration tool, understand what is deployed, what is in use, and what is critical function for the business are all parts of the equation.

Good blog to check out overall.

Link: Simon Peek: Overgrown Lotus Notes Infrastructures >

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