Sing along with Mary Beth

January 23 2006

At tonight's Lotusphere JAMfest, Mary Beth Raven lead the following sing-along:

The Sametime Song

(To the tune of "Downtown" [Petula Clark])
(Lyricist unknown.  We suspect someone from GE or Hewitt.  Please fess up)

When you're alone and work is making you lonely, you can just install -- SAMETIME
If you've got problems you can schedule a meeting to attend online -- SAMETIME

You can view the names of the participants in meetings
Use the application sharing, hey it's really neat
How can you lose?
Sametime Connect is so cool
If coworkers are online they'll respond back to you, 'cause it's
SAMETIME, try it and have some fun
SAMETIME, you won't be the only one
SAMETIME, it's out there waiting for you (Sametime)

You can download and install the package in your own PC -- SAMETIME
You can self-register, create an account, you know it's so easy -- SAMETIME

Share your applications with the folks from other cities
Join a new discussion group, get down to nitty gritty,
How can you lose?
Start up a chat with your friends
You'll get your messages instantly, the fun never ends 'cause its SAMETIME
Try it and have some fun -- SAMETIME,
You cannot buy just one -- SAMETIME,
It's out there waiting for you!

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