My daughter used to read the Baby Einstein books.  One in particular, that I bought in Japan, featured some very basic expressions in five different languages -- including English, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German.  I hadn't realized until today that this book helped my "menu German", when I remembered that the book says, "guten Tag, ente" on the page with the picture of the duck.  The light bulb goes on :)

And why did I remember this?  Because the hotel concierge sent Dad and me to dinner at the Hofbräukeller, just down the street at Wienerplatz.  While I quickly realized that Hofbräuhaus (where we had our requisite bier and brezel earlier this evening) and Hofbräukeller were related, I didn't know any of the history behind the dining establishment.

Today, anyway, what a difference between the two establishments!  While Hofbräuhaus was full of tourists chugging 1 litre vats of beer, Hofbräukeller was a relaxed, mostly local crowd drinking smaller biers (didn't see a single 1L stein).  For dinner -- dad had ½ duck ("ente") with a potato dumpling, for only EUR 5 (about US$6.50); my beer goulash with noodles was also only EUR 5 (and it was pretty good).  For comparison, the Coca-Cola Light in the hotel minibar is EUR 4.80!!!  Anyway, the whole place was about duck tonight -- about a half-dozen items on the menu featured duck, and they had a bucket of duck/goose feathers and fake (?) eggs on every table.

I didn't have the good camera with me at dinnertime, but I did for our requisite tourist stop at the Hofbräuhaus early this's Dad with our bier and brezel.  Behind him are tourists who drank about three litres of beer--each--in the 90 minutes we were there.  Yowsa.

Image:Six buck duck (or "guten Tag, ente") and big ol´ beers

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