Slate: The death of e-mail

November 16 2007

I would have gotten around to posting this link sooner, but I'm behind in my e-mail...

Those of us older than 25 can't imagine a life without e-mail. For the Facebook generation, it's hard to imagine a life of only e-mail, much less a life before it. ...

Thinking more practically, there's now a generation gap between first-generation and second-generation Internet users. Colleges are finding that students increasingly ignore or never receive campus-wide e-mail announcements. All those clever forwards from Grandpa are going unread. And no matter what dominates in the dorm room, e-mail still rules in the workplace. Office-bound graduates will be forced to make Microsoft Outlook--not AIM or Facebook--their first sign-on of the day.
Well, not in 40,000+ organizations.  

At any rate, the point is right -- e-mail continues to be the de-facto workplace communication tool.  Group calendaring continues to be the de-facto workplace coordination tool  Instant messaging, unified communication, all of that -- expands the methods of communication and coordination.  It is fair to say, though, that while I had planned on about two hours for e-mail today, I've only had about 20 minutes of uninterrupted processing time so far.  I'm getting a lot more done via IM -- perhaps because it is Friday and everyone is too tired and slaphappy to write e-mails.

This will tie in well to one of my lingering blog postings from Australia...I'll get to that over the weekend.

Link: Slate: The death of e-mail > (Thanks, Dan)

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