SlideShare Pro Network

December 31 2010

One social web tool that probably doesn't get enough credit is  I regularly post presentations I'm using on the road there, and over the years they have had tens of thousands of views and downloads.  My presence on SlideShare has resulted in invitations to speaking events and customer meetings, and better information in the market.  So, overall, for me, SlideShare is a valuable tool.

Lots of my other IBM colleagues think so as well, so the smart people at SlideShare decided to put together an approach that links us all together in a single fabric: Image:SlideShare Pro Network

The IBM Expert Network on SlideShare doesn't make much of a difference for you as the SlideShare user.  The branding identifies that I am officially contributing there in the context of my work, but you still get the same features and access.  For me, I get more analytics about who is accessing the presentations and how frequently.

Meanwhile, I updated a recent roadshow presentation on Notes/Domino.... obviously will have much more new and interesting content starting with Lotusphere 2011 in a month.

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