About five months ago, I posted a presentation called "Business aspects of social software and collaboration" on slideshare.net.  This presentation was delivered at the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) ICE conference in Edmonton.  It was about ten weeks before the announcement of Lotus Connections, but a lot of the concepts were baked enough to take them public.  So I did.

Months later, I'm surprised, intrigued, and a bit puzzled -- every few days, a mail arrives that someone has marked that presentation as a "favorite".  There are now 47 such designations for the presentation, which has been viewed almost 3800 times and has a "zing" score of 6 (at least at the moment).

My question -- who are these people?  I mean, there are some good messages in the presentation, but you would think it was some kind of cult favorite with all these hits and favorites.

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