First, in Japan, NEC has announced that it is adopting the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business service and making it available to customers worldwide.

NEC Corp. is enhancing its lineup of cloud services for telecommunications carriers by adopting the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business service to help its small and midsize clients improve internal communication, NEC announced on Aug. 6.

Services are scheduled to begin in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific regions in the first half of the 2012 fiscal year.
This does not mean new data centers, just additional local resources from NEC to assist customers in those regions. SmartCloud Social today operates in data centers in Japan and the USA.

Link: The Asahi Shimbun: NEC expands cloud services with IBM SmartCloud >

Second, a press release out from IBM in the UK today discusses a customer adopting IBM SmartCloud for Social Business...
As a result of adopting a hybrid IBM SmartCloud environment, the company has been able to quickly and cost effectively provision email, calendaring and instant messaging capabilities to 160 direct factory employees. This has allowed Centrax TCL’s entire workforce to communicate and share ideas online and has resulted in enhanced employee engagement.  ...

“We were able to provision the cloud based email for the factory employees at about 25% of the cost of the on premise email. By having all employees connected, we have improved our ability to respond to customer requirements and market demand”.

Centrax TCL worked with IBM business partner, Kelros, to integrate factory employees to their overall email platform by simply adding them as new cloud users. Factory employees can now easily work with electronic reports that reduce the time required for report preparation as well as keeping down printing costs.

Nice to have a small business story, highlighting the work of their partner, Kelros, and the value proposition of the entire SmartCloud for Social Business environment.

Link: Centrax TCL turns to the cloud to enable its vision of growth through increased productivity and employee engagement >

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