I mentioned these events in the context of the "Lotus Knows Bus" last week but thought I should call attention to them on their own.  We have a live Lotus event coming to Chicago/New York/San Francisco in the US, along with the four Nordic countries and Germany in Europe.  Registration and details are here.  Our featured speaker for the US events is analyst Marcia Conner who will speak about collaboration and the role that Lotus is playing.  There will also be Lotus brand executives and product experts with the latest from Lotus.

I will be at the Chicago event and hanging out on the Lotus Knows Bus, which will be in town that day.  Through one of those cool confluences of the calendar, that's also the day of our Notes/Domino 8.5.1 webcast on LotusUserGroup.org.  So, I'll be doing my portion of the webcast from the bus.  If you stop by, be sure to ask me about the Lotus-themed party I'm hosting in Chicago in November...

Now, as long as we're talking about October 6 and the LotusUserGroup.org webcast, it's worth adding an update about Notes/Domino 8.5.1 availability.  We'll definitely have some news about that during the webcast, but it is looking like the actual eGA will be a few days later.  We found a last couple of "ship stop" bugs last week, and since quality has been the key driver of 8.5.1 since the start, pulled back on the release.  The release is still coming in the next couple of weeks, but I can't quite disclose a final date yet.  Should know more in the next day or two.

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