A very complete review of IBM SmartCloud Engage, which was recently recognized as a leader in cloud collaboration by Forrester Research...

10 second takeaway: IBM's SmartCloud Engage platform for small business provides a powerful cloud-based, small business server replacement at a competitive price. ...

Like any good productivity and communications suite, SmartCloud Engage starts with email. The SmartCloud Notes webmail client includes all the same basic features as Gmail and Outlook for Office 365, including mail threads, filters, custom folders, calendar and contact integration and sync, and powerful search. But it also includes a few features that (in my opinion) give it a nice boost—a click-to-sort inbox (unlike Gmail and Office 365), internal webmail client tabs (similar to Yahoo! Mail but unlike Gmail and Office 365), standard right-click functionality (unlike Gmail), and even optional auto-encryption! And best of all, SmartCloud webmail is just as snappy—or at least nearly so—as Gmail.

Beyond email, the SmartCloud Notes interface integrates standard calendar and contact features. I found both "apps" just as full featured as Outlook's, including the ability to initiate projects, schedule and launch web and video meetings, and share files all from within a single interface. It makes for a rather immersive experience, meaning there's little need to switch windows or even browser tabs.
Nice recognition of the dashboard integration that I hold is one of our strongest competitive differentiators for SmartCloud Social.

Link: SMBNation: Life After SBS: The IBM Approach to SMB IT >

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