Quickplace has always been a great product to share, a point that SNAPPS is making by announcing three free, open-source placetypes for Quickplace 7:

SNAPPS is pleased to offer IBM Lotus QuickPlace customers a series of free, open-source templates for QuickPlace 7! In our role as the official IBM Design Partner for QuickPlace, we have worked closely with IBM to provide you with an enhanced experience, new Web 2.0 functionality, and immediate benefits for new and existing QuickPlace installations.
The three templates are QDoc--for enhancements to the Quickplace out-of-the-box experience, QWiki--for wiki functionality with web 2.0 ease-of-use, and QBlog--a rich blogging experience with calendar control, in-line comments, and more.

Great initiative by SNAPPS to place a big bet on Quickplace 7.

Check it out: SNAPPS.com: Free templates for IBM Lotus Quickplace >

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