A couple of weeks ago, I started a sort of contest around "who has the biggest" Domino server.   I was looking for a large number of users per server as my metric.  Some of the comments pointed out that registered users isn't as relevant as concurrent, that transaction volume is as important as mailboxes, and that other factors apply.

Given that, I have no clue how to determine a winner from that contest.

I am tempted to give it to Wouter @ comment #49, since he did the most in-depth analysis.  Or Konstantin @#48, because it's a cool use of zLinux.  Or my colleague Walt, because he personally has made Domino hum on more iSeries boxes than you can imagine.

Maybe I need to reserve three seats upfront at Lotusphere 2006 (assuming any or all of these entrants are attending).  Anyone have a better way of deciding the "winner"?

(The comment count is busticated on this posting -- originally had a question mark in the subject.  Blew up the URL syntax.  Comments will display on clickthrough)

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