Thousands of blog postings have covered the news from Lotusphere 2007.  The "Lotusphere2007" tag we established registers over 700 postings -- pretty impressive.

Image:Some good Lotusphere conference summaries

It's been part of my routine for days to scan these posts and see what you all thought, especially with a few days to reflect.  As I pointed out during the blogger BoF on Thursday, there was so much net-new technology and news at Lotusphere, that much of the as-it-happens posting was reporting rather than analysis.  

Scanning the blogs, here are some of my favorite conference summaries -- not all happy talk, by the way, but just good solid analysis: There are still many more worth reading, the sheer volume means I haven't gotten to everyone yet.  I'll continue following up in the next few days.

Oh and at the blogger BoF I made the offer that people with good discussion thoughts or topics could guest blog here for a day.  I didn't really follow up on that -- but amongst those present, Susan Bulloch, Tom Duff, Rob Novak were three who helped the conversation along.  I would really like to take a blog vacation in the next couple of weeks, so e-mail or IM if you are interested in helping out with that.

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