About seven months ago, I went to DNUG in Bremen and was asked to answer one question -- what about Notes 8 and Citrix?  My answer was, we're working on it, especially for Notes 8.0.2 and beyond.

Earlier this week, we published a 40-page technical paper discussing Notes 8 on Citrix:

IBM and Citrix have worked together for many years, and IBM is committed to improving the scalability and performance of the Lotus Notes client on XenApp. With the overall memory improvements that have been incorporated into the Lotus Notes 8.0.2 client, the Citrix XenApp hardware and software you likely have in place today can be a cost-effective means of deploying Lotus Notes 8.0.2.
The story gets even better with Lotusphere.  Citrix will be co-presenting ID108, and there is a BOF (307) for Notes + Citrix customers as well.  The story is good, much better than we anticipated.  Certainly worth checking out these resources.

(Thanks, Raj)

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