Coming out of Lotusphere, I've been involved in some very good conversation with the Lotus services and education team about our market opportunities in 2009.  We did take a quick moment to celebrate some wins from 2008 -- and I received permission to share these publicly:

- Lotus Education programs trained over 23,000 students
- Lotus Professional Certifications increased.  During 2008, IBM awarded over 14,000 Certifications...  9% growth versus 20
- Coverage increased with 11 new Certification Exams
- The number of Lotus certification tests taken at Lotusphere 2009 was up 37% from Lotusphere 08.

Some new efforts coming out of this team in 2009 include the Multimedia Library for Lotus Notes -- which I've mentioned a few times and some of you have already evaluated or purchased.  Lotus Education is also running a series of technical seminars worldwide in 2009.  20 different events -- some covering Notes/Domino, some covering Portal, some covering Sametime, etc.  There are also IBM-wide technical conferences worldwide in 2009, some of which will have Lotus-focused content (two different teams and agendas, similar speakers and content).  

Thus, some great new opportunities for training and certification this year.  Find all the details here...

Link: Lotus Training and Certification >

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