Declan Lynch from the opening session:

The new Hannover client. At the moment all I can say is WOW. it looks great and seems to be pretty fast.  this looks like a product that end users will finally be very very happy to use.  It has proper windows gestures like being able to highligh documents with ctrl.  It is fully extensible, allowing anybody who has deployed it to customise it for their company.  It integrates into the Activity explorer.
Declan Lynch from ID102, Domino 7 and beyond:
Coming Soon : Smart Upgrade 'Run As Admin' install utility. This can repackage the install kit so that it can run on any computer even if the user does not have admin privilages.  ..
Domino Next: ...
- Mail recall will now be part of the product with policies that can specify how old messages can be or if read messages can be recalled.
Ben Poole (who apparently really exists -- haven't met him yet!)
It was great to see Sametime 7.5 -- some tremendous strides, very timely! In addition to the myriad new features: overhauled UI, spell check, rich text support, emoticons, doclinks, expanded user details, screencaps, splendid new web conferencing, an Eclipse-based application framework, how about IBM linking up with AOL, Y! Messenger and Google Talk? Very cool.
Jack Dausman:
I've never heard Surjit Chana, Vice President (Marketing and Partners), who had the audience clapping and whistling with his list of priorities. His priority number one is "Grow Domino." And, his fifth priority is to "take the gloves off." He was impassioned as he explained that IBM was no longer going to treat FUD campaigns with passivity: "we are not taking any more bullsh*t."
Paul Mooney:
There is no architectural shift in moving to the new version.. none at all. This is progression.  There will be no rip and replace to upgrade, and backward comparability will be standard (as it always is).  The upcoming Notes clients will be managed centrally, by administrators.

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