Catching up on blog reading after being out of the office for a few days.  Looks like a bit of a frustration meme going around..

Nathan Freeman writes, "The Masters of Derision", in which he assesses IBM's latest television advertising:

Because they're targeting management by advertising on The Masters (how many great puns are there available in THAT sentence!?) the message is consistently to people in charge to say "your people are stupid, because they're not IBM."  Look at ads like Avatar or Ideating or Start Connecting -- the theme is that some young knowledge worker is clueless and incompetent, and the wise old boss comes along to refocus that person.

NO WONDER young end-users hate IBM.  All they do is insult them.  IBM's whole marketing message is to be an IT bully.
I agree that the style of these television ads has a very specific target audience...and as such, spillover can have some unintended consequences.  Good feedback here, wish I was closer to advertising to have more texture to add to this.

Bruce Elgort writes, "Are Domino upgrade statistics similar to those of Exchange?" in which he posits
I couldn't help myself from thinking how much Domino shops are very much like Exchange 5.5/2003 shops in the fact that they don't migrate as quickly as we think they do.
A lot of interesting impediments to upgrading expressed in the comments, and this turned out to be a very constructive conversation.  I think the barrier to upgrading that frustrates me the most is ISV support....RIM is supposed to be shipping BES support for Domino 8.0.1 today, but it's eight months after the first Domino 8 release.  Wish that would have been a lot sooner.

Chris Miller writes, "Lotus Bluehouse makes me blue", in which he examines early experience:
I don't know, I might not get "it" just yet, but Lotus has tried SAAS many times over, and as one of their larger hosting providers that has tried every part of it, the attached wings with Domino and SAAS won't fly until things like provisioning, isolation, and proper user management can happen.
It is obviously still early days on this project...

Chris Linfoot writes, "Is Your E-Mail A Mission Critical Application?" in which he wonders about a left-hand right-hand problem:
IBM System x Servers with X-Architecture® -- perfect for Exchange 2007.
Not the first time I have been challenged about how different divisions of IBM go to market in sometimes conflicting ways...this one is a personal beef that I have tried to address before.  I can't seem to change the behavior at the most base level, though.

and last, a personal frustration.  My colleague Luis Suarez writes, "Getting Ready for IBM's Web 2.0 And Beyond Starting Tomorrow!", in which he expresses excitement about a three day internal IBM conference about Web 2.0.  I don't get it -- why is an IBMer who writes one of the most widely-read external blogs related to IBM not at a conference on how IBM should best be approaching Web 2.0?  Why aren't (nearly) any of my Lotus colleagues who actually have made a difference in our business using web 2.0 and social media technologies there to participate?  Luis's twitter is actually the first place I heard about this conference.  Others I checked with didn't know anything about it.  I hope we aren't becoming an organization so focused on evangelizing this stuff that we forget that we are actually using it.  Successfully.

Ah there, posting all these links is almost like therapy.  Definitely worth examining and thinking of ways to improve in the future.

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