The mobile space is so busy that I haven't had a chance to write blogs. Definite difference in the new role. I want to talk about IBM's research project Presence Zones, the announcements we've made recently with MongoDB and others, and some of the new technologies I'm working with. All in due time.

This morning I want to highlight an announcement we made earlier this week that should help make adoption of IBM Worklight even easier. Worklight is already free for developers to download, now there is a 90-day no-charge trial available for the server stack that means you can fully deploy an app built with the no-charge developer edition.

Every single step of the process - really only four steps with some specifics - is documented and provides video examples. There are also tutorials of how to work with Worklight available on IBM developerWorks.

Yesterday here in Spain, we had a great IBM MobileFirst event for 200 attendees, turned away still more. One of the highlights for me was a 15-minute integrated demo of Worklight and how it automatically optimizes apps for the devices and form factors that the apps are delivered to, how it provides its own Application Center for deployment of hybrid and native apps, and there was even live code to show how easy it is to build a mobile app with Worklight. For those who are familiar with developing in Eclipse-based environments (ahem), Worklight is a natural tool to add to the tool belt.

Link: IBM developerWorks: Try Worklight on the IBM SmartCloud at no charge >

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