I've seen a number of reviews of Lotusphere Comes to You in the blogs...here are three from down under:

Adam Osborne has travelled along with the show, and says:

From conversations with people who sat through the presentations I can confirm that it was an overwhelming success for IBM.

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with the IBMers that put the event together. You'd be hard pressed to find a more professional or dedicated group of people. They delivered time and time again and maintained an extremely high energy level right to the end. I really don't know how they did it.

James Dellow attended in Sydney
 and writes about Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections:
* On the face of it, Quickr is a big improvement on Quickplace but on the other hand some of the views felt very familiar. Personally I'd like to see more things (if they aren't already there) like support for simple Web 2.0 ideas such tag clouds and more complex Web 2.0 functionality like "widgets". And while you're waiting for Quickr to arrive on an intranet (or extranet) near you, Mike suggested we take a look at the free Blog and Wiki templates for Quickplace available from SNAPPS.
* The Lotus Connections concept ("Profiles,Communities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Activities") was also compelling and really suggests to me that IBM Lotus really do get this space. But to be honest I just want to get my hands on it to see how well it lives up to buzz in practice!

Ric Hayman was in Adelaide, has some compelling conclusions (and it's worth reading his whole summary):
  • This strikes me as validation for Andrew McAfee's Enterprise 2.0 meme (maybe Wikipedia will allow his article now?) and confirmation that social software behind the firewall has legs.
  • IBM has effectively resurrected the Lotus brand, and provides MS Sharepoint with some powerful competition.
  • While it isn't exactly open-source, IBM's use of Eclipse (which is), support for ODF, Java Content Repository, JSR168 etc. is far more "open" than say Sharepoint, because it gives customers  better options for swapping software without losing control of their data.
(Thanks, James, for that last link)

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  1. 1  Karen Demerly  |

    Is there an agenda for LCTY? I see the schedule of locations, and the registration form, but nothing that tells my people what to expect, should they decide to go. Is that because the agenda changes depending on the location?

  1. 2  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    The agenda is indeed different by location. Depends on speaker availability and who is hosting -- IBM or a partner.

  1. 3  Karen Demerly  |

    So when would a person know? Let's say a person was going to send someone to the Indianapolis event. :-)

    I'm hoping to justify a trip for one of our Business Analysts (a former Notes Developer), and our Notes Admin. Granted, it's only a day trip from here and probably not a big deal, but still... folks must need some idea of what's on the agenda.

  1. 4  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    Indianapolis is being run by business partners, so best bet would be to check with the partners running it. I know that is easier in the cities (like Oshkosh, today) being run by just one partner. If you e-mail me offline, I'll get you a contact for Indy.

  1. 5  Karen Demerly  |

    Okay, he received a link to the agenda after registering (which was available before registering but just wasn't found/noticed). https://www-926.ibm.com/events/swgp/swgpus.nsf/swgevents?openform&lang=en

    Thanks, Ed.

  1. 6  Tony Austin http://notestracker.com |

    Yes, indeed! I was at the LCTY Melbourne event (immediately followed by the Melbourne Lotus User Group for another hour or two of goodies. (This is a reborn group, following the demise of WALNUT some years go, and replaces the regular .NSF initiated and sponsored by Absolute Training Professionals that did a great job of filling the user group void for five years or so.)

    Everyone at the Melbourne event was enthusiastic, and it was great to see that IBM has recognized reality and gone back to the good old Lotus branding.

    And the rather absurd message three or four years ago (of "two highways" with Notes/Domino going one way and the Eclipse-based follow-on going along in parallel) which confused everybody and caused great consternation, has been well and truly painted over by bright Lotus yellow.


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