Sorry, Minneapolis

April 18 2007

Well, I tried.  But Northworst -- err, Northwest -- DC-9 strikes again.

I am not sure why I bother with these airplanes that are older (sometimes) than I am.  My last three attempts on NWA have had mechanical problems, including tonight's intended MSN-MSP flight.  I arrived at the airport at 1:30 for a 3 PM flight.  As we pushed away from the gate, we went right back -- one engine wouldn't start.  Three hours later, the mechanic still has his head up his ... engine.  This plane isn't going anywhere, and the one subsequent flight (plus tomorrow morning's) was sold out.  No one-way rental cars were available, either.  My options to get to Minneapolis were, basically, fly back to Chicago and then up to the Twin Cities..and that isn't gonna happen.

My colleague George Brichacek has graciously agreed to cover the Notes/Domino update presentation.  I'm promising here an IOU -- perhaps an upcoming twin cities user group meeting.

Too bad I could have saved about six hours in the return to Chicago by going back with my sales team; probably would have been more fun, too.

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