Well, at least the telemarketer that just called thought that I might want to do this.  

If anyone wonders why I so rarely answer unanticipated phone calls, here's the answer in two parts:
1) Most people who call me have indicated through e-mail, calendar invites, or IM that they are planning to call me.  
2) Most calls that are unanticipated are telemarketers or other "cold calls".
Thus, there's almost no reason for me to answer my business phone for an unexpected call.

This particular call was too funny, though -- do I want to run an ad on the electronic screens in Times Square during the Macy's parade?  Uh, Ogilvy handles all of IBM's advertising, dear.  Her response?  Well since you are a subsidiary... Yes, we were, until about five years ago.  And I'm in sales now, not marketing.  Oh, well thank you for your time

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