Sprint, a large mobile carrier in the US, announces that the cool new Samsung Instinct -- plus eleven other popular mobile devices -- will support Notes/Domino mail:

Easy access to Microsoft Exchange Server and IBM Lotus Notes accounts will be available through Sprint Mobile Email Work, as an extension of Sprint Mobile Email's existing access to personal email accounts from popular Web-based providers such as AOL, Gmail, Windows Live and Yahoo! Mail. Sprint Mobile Email Work will allow users of the Instinct and other non-PDA phones, such as flip phones with more consumer-oriented features, to access both their corporate and personal email in one easy-to-use application, included at no additional charge in several Sprint pricing plans. ...

Sprint worked with SEVEN to create Sprint Mobile Email Work, which allows customers to access Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003 or 2007 accounts, or IBM Lotus Domino accounts. The service features an easy, one-time setup process: Sprint Mobile Email Work is preloaded on the Instinct, so customers simply select Email on the main Menu to get to Sprint Mobile Email, then click the Work tab and enter their server information, user name and password. Emails are then pushed to the user's phone as they arrive in their desktop mailbox. Users can read, delete, respond to and compose new emails. All changes made via the Sprint phone are automatically synchronized with the user's desktop mailbox.
Looks like they have not yet updated their website with details on this, but it is good news on the road ahead.  The Samsung Instinct is, by many industry observer's accounts, going to give the iPhone a run for its money.  The fact that the Instinct will be supported on multiple carrier networks is certainly an important choice factor, addressing some of the points made earlier this week in ComputerWeekly.com's "IT managers doubt iPhone is ready for business".

Link: Sprint press release: "Sprint Mobile Email Work Gives Sprint Customers Access to Business Email" >

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